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“Guns don’t always have real bullets, you know” (x)

“Guns don’t always have real bullets, you know” (x)

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Do some sherlock fans still not realise that they are demonizing donovan and anderson by reducing them to one-dimensional characters tied entirely to their interactions with sherlock (“bitch” or “idiot”, respectively) while getting mad at those characters for referring to sherlock in similar terms based solely on those characters’ interactions with him?

Yes but I think we are allowed to read into this. How they must have been calling them these things for years. We are allowed not to like them for treating Sherlock like shit because we know how much it hurts to be called a freak.

Sherlock slut-shames Donovan in the first episode and calls Anderson an idiot numerous times of course they don’t particularly like him? If he didn’t insult them so much I have a feeling they wouldn’t mind working with him?

They’re the only two people who don’t treat Sherlock any differently for being rude simply because he’s a genius.  They expect him to still follow the rules for proper interaction or maybe simply ignore them but he’s callous and harsh.  Basically we’re demonizing the two people in the entire show who have the most natural reaction to Sherlock’s behavior.

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Okay so spamming some actor’s face was cute (not really) when it was April Fools Day

Even though, as far as pranks go, that one was blunt and clumsy and juvenile but hey, we can’t all be clever.

But seriously now, the fun is over and there’s no reason to plan ahead to do ANOTHER day of spamming some poor chum’s face all over a site that clearly was exhausted by the Misha incident.  The joke is done and over and it’s not funny anymore and there’s no point??  

Then again, I realize I’m probably trying to spout reason at underage kids who don’t understand the concept of not beating a dead horse so clearly I’m wasting my time.

Wait people actually think Elementary is the American version of BBC’s Sherlock??

Is that what the issue is here?

They’re two completely different shows they just happen to possess the same general subject matter.

I love Sherlock BBC I really do.  The characters are interesting and I enjoy the dynamic between John and Sherlock.  I enjoy the stories.  I enjoy the side characters (when they’re being represented well).  I enjoy all the little details and references and everything they cram into the show.

But Elementary is just so much FUN.  Joan is a goddess among men and they represent a good pair of friends with chemistry that is not sexual and that’s so RARE. Her portrayal of a Watson is brilliant and believable and frankly, it’s making strides in female roles on television today.  She calls out sexism when she sees it, she takes no shit, and she handles Sherlock beautifully.

And god, Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock is just so great.  Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is fascinating in his apathy, his perceived coldness and single mindedness towards cases and things he finds interesting.  Miller’s Sherlock has empathy and a moral compass, however skewed.  Cumberbatch’s Sherlock thought nothing of the livelihood of children while Miller’s Sherlock became visibly rushed and anxious at the thought of a child being harmed.

I just described it well, I think, to an acquaintance.

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock does not connect with people because he sees no need.

Miller’s Sherlock tries not to connect with people because he’s convinced himself he shouldn’t have the need.

They both reach out in different and wonderful ways to people they find influential and wonderful and they both are damaged in their interaction with others and the world around them.  But Cumberbatch’s Sherlock suffers no consequences, no negative outcomes to his callous behavior and intrusive nature.  Miller’s Sherlock both suffers those consequences and is limited by them, forcing him to own up to his mistakes and I love that.  I’m tired of genius men who don’t care and no one caring that they don’t care.

Both shows are good (Moffat aside).  Both shows appeal to me.  But Elementary satisfies me more.



Sherlock meme: Nine ScenesMolly and “Jim from IT”. (9/9)

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fem!lock au

└ Joan and Sherlock meet

This is the only genderbend I’ve ever seen that looks super accurate, woah. Like, Sherlock wouldn’t be a beautiful, curly haired temptress that I’ve seen her drawn/cast as. She’d be like this, hair in a messy ponytail (to get it out of the way of experiments) and modest clothes. And just look at Joan, what a cutie. Super average sense of clothing, practical haircut. Aaaah good fan-casting makes me happy.

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…. Oh, Rupert. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.



 Boring! I could have got them anywhere.

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Molly Hooper