Watching "A Study In Pink" with my friend, her first time and my third
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: they're probably both poison
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: how princess bride of you
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: he's been building up an immunity for years!!!!
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and then sherlock and john
Kahti: heeee
Kahti: no
Kahti: no stop
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: tumble down a hill
Kahti: noooo
Kahti: aldfjalfjk
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and make out
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: at the bottom
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and then they fight rats
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: YOU'RE AN IDIOTTTTTTTTT
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: as he tumbles
Kahti: fffff
Kahti: beautiful
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and john throws himself after
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and they're like
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: holding each other
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and making sure the other is real
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and sherlock mumbles
Kahti: sherlock's lanky limbs everywhere
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: "don't take it personal, most everyone is"
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: and john just smiles and laughs his stupid laugh
<(๑◕ˇ~ˇ◕)> pigarms: this is my kawaii fanfic
Just downloaded BBC’s Sherlock Holmes






Let’s see what all the fuss is about, shall we?

Fuss, fuss… I think he likes to scream… at us.

Probably he means no harm.

He’s really very short on charm.

You have a great gift for rhyme.

You are all beautiful people.

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